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NJCAIP Consumer Quotes | NJ Business Auto Insurance

Are you having a hard time finding commercial auto insurance in New Jersey? Get help from NJ Commercial Auto Insurance brokers now!

From insuring big rig trucks, straight or box trucks, limo's, medical transportation or regular smaller commercially registered vehicles and much more, NJCAIP has much to offer the business owner (856) 863-5654.
NJCAIP business owner help with Commercial Auto Insurance Plan in New Jersey.

From insuring big rig trucks, straight or box trucks, buses, medical transportation or regular smaller commercially registered vehicles and much more, NJ CAIP has much to offer the business owner.

Sometimes a few accidents or moving violations may prompt your commercial insurance company to cancel or nonrenew your commercial policy. If that is the case, get an early start on letting us help you find the best coverage and price available now, even NJCAIP coverage. Licensed help available.

Get NJCAIP New Jersey Commercial Auto Insurance Plan business auto insurance coverage for many different types of commercial vehicles (856) 863-5654.
Get NJ CAIP business auto insurance coverage for many different types of commercial vehicles.

Get your NJCAIP commercial auto insurance quote started right now and we will have a commercial insurance specialist assist you.

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NJ Commercial Auto Insurance for NJ big rig trucks, NJ straight or box trucks, limo’s, medical transportation, taxi companies or regular smaller commercially registered vehicles. Act now to prevent being uninsured which most companies frown upon. Get your information ready and get some quotes started right now and get insured.

If you are in need of any type of bone please visit our online bond search and bind facility here.

Get expert help with box and straight truck insurance in New Jersey (856) 863-5654.

New Jersey Trucking For Hire – NJ Charter Buses – Car Carriers – Fuel Oil Haulers Gasoline, Diesel & Airplane Fuel Haulers -Ag Haulers (including livestock) – LPG, Butane & Propane Haulers Bulk or Bottled – Dumping Operations –  Contractors –  Tow Trucks –  Caterers –  Cement Mixers – Concrete Pumper Trucks –  Couriers – Custom Harvesters • Farm to Market Trucking –  Farmers –  Food Delivery –  Grain Haulers –  House Movers –  Lawn & Tree Service –  Logging –  Mobile Concessions –  Household Moving Companies  –  Pulpwood Haulers –  Salvage Haulers –  Specialized Delivery • Snow Plows –  Truckers Contingent Liability (Bobtail or Deadhead) –  Waste Oil Haulers – Wholesalers & Manufacturers. NJ Commercial Insurance Coverage’s not available in NJCAIP will have to be placed elsewhere.


New Jersey Business Auto Policy coverage is available for many types of vehicles, including drivers with high SMS scores, multiple moving violation or accidents.

Other Auto Exposures
There are three basic exposures in addition to owned autos, which are non-owned autos, hired autos and borrowed autos.

Non-owned autos are autos that you don’t own, but for which you may be held responsible. The most common example is when an employee uses his own auto for work purposes. For instance, a guy takes his own truck to the Home Depot on a work errand. If he has an accident, then you are ultimately responsible.

Hired Autos are autos that you rent or lease (short term). BE CAREFUL! Car rental companies will always try to list YOU (the individual) as the renter. If you allow this then your business auto policy may not respond to claims filed. Business auto policies usually list your company as the insured. If you don’t have that name in the “renter” spot, then you will not be insured! I personally DO NOT OWN any autos—they are all business owned. So when I rent a car, I quietly write in the name of my business as the renter. I don’t ask the clerk—I just do it!

Borrowed Autos are autos you borrow such as specific equipment for a job. If the owner of the auto you borrow has little or no insurance then you are responsible. BE CAREFULL! An auto you “borrow” from your employee or family member is usually NOT a borrowed auto from the perspective of your insurance company.

TIP—Be sure your personal auto policy meshes with your business auto policy! Consult your accountant (for taxes) and your attorney (for legal advice) about where and how your personal auto should be titled (owned). There is a wide-range of coverage options available to tailor your policy to meet your needs. You must be sure to disclose your whole situation to your insurance agent in order to receive proper coverage.